24k Worship Flyer 2019
🎊🎉❤️😉This past weekend Workmanship In
#24kWorship - What a blessing it was! Th

thank you, gateway family church!

To Pastors Gabriel & Perry Wright,

Worship Pastors Jonathan & Anna Guy, Pastoral Assistant Beverly Carter, the GFC Worship Team, and the GFCBHM Family:

Your support has blessed us over the years as you understand our mission as Christian Creatives to touch lives through the arts and to show that diversity doesn't mean division. We are forever grateful for you and appreciate your love for God and love for all people.

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thank you, partners!

We appreciate our partners for

their exceptional fundraising collaborations!

You can also support their businesses by clicking the links below!

Sweet Harper Blu (Alystia Tobie - Owner)

Change of Plans (Angel Callens - Owner)

Jennifer Browner (Customized Drinkware)

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we loved the cake!

We heard you liked the birthday sheet cake, so visit your nearest Publix and order a vanilla cake with raspberry filling and buttercream icing!

As for our smash cake, that delicious treat was by Nedra Moore! Indulging in her cake like a bunch of kids is becoming a tradition. Contact her for your custom creation!

Creations Galore & Moore (Nedra Moore - Owner)

we loved the balloons!

Did you see that staircase and the balloon clusters? We couldn't have asked for a better representation of our Troupe colors and celebratory atmosphere!

You can order your own awesomeness by clicking the link below!

Express Occasion Balloons & Events 

(Sonja Simmons - Owner)

24k Worship Balloons
24k Worship Balloons

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24k Worship Balloons 2
24k Worship Balloons 2

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Express Occasion logo
Express Occasion logo

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24k Worship Balloons
24k Worship Balloons

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