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"Wow, wow, wow! Where do we begin? We really want to thank appreciate you for creating such an enormous quality of ministry! Our congregants and staff were thrilled with you guy's product! Each person of your team has the same level of kindness and professionalism. Please communicate our sentiments to your entire team and we look to work together in the future!"

- Ronnie McCall, Assistant Director
Faith Chapel Worship & Arts Ministry


"I totally agree with Ronnie’s sentiments and comments! You guys are always amazing! Thank you for all that you all do, from the professionalism to the anointed ministry of dance! We had some changes and you all willingly flowed with us and provided leadership, excellence and service at its best. Remarkable!!! I’m elated to know that you all felt the love from us that we strive to give all of those that unite with us in ministry. Thank you again and again!!! We look forward to serving with you all again in the near future!"

- Netra Young, Director
Faith Chapel Worship & Arts Ministry



You ladies are the epitome of worshiping through dance!!!! JESUS!!!!!!"

- Kimberly Speights
Founder & Executive Director
Empowered To Overcome, Inc.

"I am so excited for you guys! To see God's blessings in your lives to make a difference

in others!"

- Patrick Laney
Patrick Laney Photography

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